Frame6 shoots trailer for “Firefighters 2014″ simulation game

VIS Software and Rondomedia have just released their latest simulation game “Firefighters 2014” in which the player assumes the role of a firefighter and pursues a career in which they can operate an entire vehicle fleet and engage in a variety of emergency situations.

We were asked to assist the production by creating a launch trailer for the game. This included drafting a script, capturing game footage and putting everything together in a dramatic fashion. Here’s the end result:

When creating game trailers, you always face a different set of challenges depending on what type of game you’re working on. While a trailer should always be catchy, the genre dictates how dramatic you can get. For this type of simulation game, a certain sense of heroism was demanded, but at the same time we needed to make sure that we don’t over-dramatize the clip, otherwise it would turn into unwanted comedy.

Furthermore, you can’t always capture the footage you’d like to see. When working on our own games, we can get into the game code, set up cinematics or scripted events as we like. In this case, we were using a debug build that gave us a free camera. However, the behaviour of the NPCs and fire trucks was highly dependent on the A.I., which meant grabbing many takes until the A.I. was acting the way we desired for the clip.

As in our other productions, the music and sound design was contributed by Syndrone. If you’re interested in learning more about the production of the game including the trailer, check this documentary by (German language):

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