Frame6 produces official Crysis board game trailer

Thanks to an inquiry from the board game publisher Queen Games, we have been able to partake in another exciting project: We’ve been responsible for creating the official teaser trailer for the upcoming board game “Crysis Analogue Edition“.

Along with the trailer launches the marketing campaign for the title to which our developers Dominik and Sebastian contributed as leading designers. The trailer was created in close collaboration with Crytek, who contributed the Crysis 3 ingame scenes, sound and music. Sebastian comments on the production flow:

In this project, we used the OpenSource software Blender for the first time in order to create the 3D-rendered sequences. The results show that OpenSource can easily keep up with commercial solutions even in graphics. We are now continuing to use Blender for our first commercial title “Spleemo & Gløb: Monster Defense”.

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