Frame6 launches Crysis Board Game Kickstarter

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Düsseldorf, May 12th 2015.

Today, German independent developer Frame6 launches its Kickstarter campaign for the first ever official Crysis board game – the “Crysis Analogue Edition”. Being inspired by the award-winning shooter series, the game focuses on sophisticated board game fans looking for a competitive title set in the Crysis universe, including the iconic powers of the Nanosuit.

Built for 2-8 players and a typical session duration of 90+ minutes, Crysis Analogue Edition features a large game board with customizable obstacles, detailed miniatures and authentic gear from the original games. It comes with two familiar game modes: Team Instant Action and Capture the Relay.

The Game Box

The Game Box

The board game adaption was originally created by the four MD.H game design students Sebastian Kreutz, Dominik Lau, Robin Schäfer and Marcel Krafczyk as part of their studies. The game was then picked up in 2015 for publishing by Frame6, an independent studio founded by Sebastian and Dominik.

Sebastian Kreutz, the game’s lead designer and Frame6 CEO, looks forward to the campaign:

“The Kickstarter launch for German creators gives us a unique opportunity to present our game and interact with the fans directly. We’re humbled by the trust and creative freedom that Crytek granted us and hope the fans will enjoy a tabletop Crysis.”

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