devblogDesigning a new type of tower defense

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Here at Frame6, we’ve got quite a bunch of strategy enthusiasts and board game geeks on board. After developing the official Crysis board game in collaboration with Crytek, we felt that our digital debut title should be set in the strategy genre as well. Right from the start, we wanted to create a multiplayer title with a new gameplay twist. Most of the engaging genre titles we knew were quite competitive though. From our personal experience, we knew how fast a game can become frustrating when you’re usually getting rushed within the first five minutes.

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devblogSix weeks without an office phone – why we need net neutrality

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In Germany, there’s currently a large debate on the topic of net neutrality from a consumer perspective, as the German DSL network provider Telekom wants to prioritize its own services and throttle third-party content providers such as YouTube – unless they pay them. While even the EU recognizes that this is bad for customers, there is an aspect that is being talked about less and it’s the reason why we still wait for our office phone in the sixth week. Continue reading