Visit us at gamescom!

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We’re revealing a brand-new title at gamescom this week that we’re developing in collaboration with Headup Games: Panzer Party!Panzer PartyPanzer Party is a combat party game for up to four players in which you face tanks, ships and airplanes in a variety of game modes. Built for quick, fast-paced action, Panzer Party lets you bid for powerful items – with your life points!

Visit us at the grand Indie Arena in Hall 10.1 and be the first to play an early version of Panzer Party!


Frame6 launches Crysis Board Game Kickstarter

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Düsseldorf, May 12th 2015.

Today, German independent developer Frame6 launches its Kickstarter campaign for the first ever official Crysis board game – the “Crysis Analogue Edition”. Being inspired by the award-winning shooter series, the game focuses on sophisticated board game fans looking for a competitive title set in the Crysis universe, including the iconic powers of the Nanosuit.

Built for 2-8 players and a typical session duration of 90+ minutes, Crysis Analogue Edition features a large game board with customizable obstacles, detailed miniatures and authentic gear from the original games. It comes with two familiar game modes: Team Instant Action and Capture the Relay.

The Game Box

The Game Box

The board game adaption was originally created by the four MD.H game design students Sebastian Kreutz, Dominik Lau, Robin Schäfer and Marcel Krafczyk as part of their studies. The game was then picked up in 2015 for publishing by Frame6, an independent studio founded by Sebastian and Dominik.

Sebastian Kreutz, the game’s lead designer and Frame6 CEO, looks forward to the campaign:

“The Kickstarter launch for German creators gives us a unique opportunity to present our game and interact with the fans directly. We’re humbled by the trust and creative freedom that Crytek granted us and hope the fans will enjoy a tabletop Crysis.”

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Splee & Glob at gamescom

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Last year, the German Indie Arena had a premiere at gamescom with the very first booth for independent developers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
This year, the booth returns to gamescom and we’re joining in with Splee & Glob!

gamescom-badgeYou’ll be able to find us in Hall 9, booth A-032 near the ESL eSports area together with the other developers from the Indie Arena. Throughout gamescom, you’ll be able to meet the entire dev team there and hang out with us. Plus, you’ll get a chance to play Splee & Glob yourself. We’re looking forward to meeting all of you there!

Splee and Glob greenlit on Steam after only two days

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On Monday, we started a synchronous campaign on Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight to help fund and publish our in-development Action RTS “Splee & Glob: Monster Defense“.


After only two days into the campaign, we are happy to announce that we’ll be able to ship Splee & Glob to Steam. The game received an astounding approval within the Steam Community and got greenlit within record-breaking 48 hours. We would like to take the chance and thank all the people who supported the project so far!

The very next step is to secure the funding to complete the game, so make sure you check our Kickstarter campaign as well!

Frame6 shoots trailer for “Firefighters 2014″ simulation game

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VIS Software and Rondomedia have just released their latest simulation game “Firefighters 2014” in which the player assumes the role of a firefighter and pursues a career in which they can operate an entire vehicle fleet and engage in a variety of emergency situations.

We were asked to assist the production by creating a launch trailer for the game. This included drafting a script, capturing game footage and putting everything together in a dramatic fashion. Here’s the end result:

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New company address

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After spending our initial year at the Mediadesign University of Applied Sciences, we’ve moved over to the nearby coworking loft that is populated by other creative and software developer companies and freelancers.

Image © Coworking Loft

Moving to the new location opened up new creative space for us and adds the benefit of networking with other creative talents. Here’s our new contact address and phone number:

Mindener Straße 30
40227 Düsseldorf

Phone: +49 211 239 382 36

devblogSpleemo & Glob: Designing the heroes

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When we started working on the game design of our new tower defense game we wanted to provide visuals totally new to the genre. Thus the setting of this game would have to take place in a different dimension of what players are normally used to see without making them raise their eyebrows in dismay.

To stand out from the very common medieval and sci-fi settings we had to explore a completely new world. This is the story of how we achieved that. Continue reading

devblogDesigning a new type of tower defense

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Here at Frame6, we’ve got quite a bunch of strategy enthusiasts and board game geeks on board. After developing the official Crysis board game in collaboration with Crytek, we felt that our digital debut title should be set in the strategy genre as well. Right from the start, we wanted to create a multiplayer title with a new gameplay twist. Most of the engaging genre titles we knew were quite competitive though. From our personal experience, we knew how fast a game can become frustrating when you’re usually getting rushed within the first five minutes.

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New project announced – “Spleemo & Gløb: Monster Defense”

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We’re excited to announce a brand-new project that will take tower defense to a new level! With Spleemo & Gløb: Monster Defense, players will get a chance to play cooperatively on an open battlefield to fend off a robot invasion from their monstrous home world.

Spleemo & Gløb: Monster Defense

Spleemo & Gløb: The two protagonists

Unlike other genre titles, Spleemo & Gløb mixes third-person action with realtime strategy on open maps. Smash bots with Gløb while your fellow takes care of defense buildings on an entirely different location on the map. Continue reading